Each Day Is a Lifetime
David Ruffin Lyrics

Call me free today
If you see it my way
Time on my side
As well as my mind is
It's not with you for sure
No, not anymore
I intend to stay away for good
Just a matter how I define
My state of mind
Today is a good day
Today is a good day
Without your company
I have so many holes to fill
At least seven nights a week
Killing time
I still feel fine, I guess
My life was a mess
When I shared it with you
I was lonely
Now, I'm just alone
Just a matter how I define
Just a matter how I define
My state of mind
Today is a good day
Just a scratch on my ego
I get up in the morning
If we could plan tomorrow
I'll be keeping my mind cold
Until the evening when the hours forget me
And the waiting awakes me
And the voices of madness
From my subconscious singing songs of sadness
Today is a good day
Today is a good day
Oh, such a good day
Today is a good day
Today is a good day

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Comments from YouTube:

Boris Hurd

This song reminds me of how much I miss my first love.

Aaron David Gleason

this song is SO EPIC

Ryan Smith

I can't stop listening to this song. One of his best.

Carvaughn Cullins

Gotta love David Ruffin's work. Though the height of his success is well documented as one of the lead singers of the Mighty Tempations, but personally, he was just as musically vibrant as a solo artist, perhaps even more magnificent, but he unfortunately fell under Berry Gordy's radar after his exile from the Temptations.

Linda Hines

I love this have on the Millennium Collection David
Ruffin.😄🌆was the man.gone but never forgotten.

Arthur Wallace

42 years David been there with my voice since I was 10 years old I don’t no what i do with out this dude being from Memphis Tennessee i wouldn’t no how I would of got through my relationship understand what the heartbreak all about.

Linda Hines

I can't stop listening to this I love the way he sings it!

Jonathan Clary

I Know Right. Plus It's True That Each Day Is A Lifetime baby keep listening to David Ruffin's hits

Ian Rush's Moustache

Played this at my dads funeral in 08 , he loved this song . Still miss you every day dad , it’s a shame because I love this song but it brings back the feelings of loss,

Bradford Henry

0 dislikes...forever. even if somebody did they wouldn't really mean it

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