I'm Just a Mortal Man
David Ruffin Lyrics

I was just thinking to myself this morning
You know what I thought
Just as helpless I really am
My hair is turning grey
I get a new wrinkle every day
I guess I am just a mortal man

Let me tell you all about it
I cannot make myself live forever
(Never live forever)
God knows I tried
I can't even make one flower grow

It takes water to do that
That feels God knows I tried
But that hands on the clock keep ticking on by
One day young, the next you're old
Now listen to this

Oh I thought I was such a super lover
Did the best I could
And from my side darling I thought you would never, never go away

That's my soul disclaim
And this ego of mine have been betrayed
As I stared at empty walls, I found I'm no super lover at all
Well, you see that's bad, bad
And left him with a scar on this mortal man

I'm gonna get on back to my story
Now I don't know if I'll ever get to go to heaven
Listen to me
But you never know, even I, even I may get to go
Oh lord

If there's away I could go
I'll leave this human skin all far down below
Say goodbye, goodbye world of being a mortal man

But in the mean time I'm still down here doing the best I can
Shamed, shamed, shamed for being just a mortal man
Can you hear me sayin'?
Oh lord, guess I'm just a mortal man

Writer(s): bobby miller

Contributed by Xavier R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


He’s one of the best ever! This song is dynamite!

Linda hines

It sure is I love 💘 all of songs

Jesse Diaz

God damn this mans voice got some power. Underrated hero of soul.


Hi Lamont, I just want to thank you for keep spreading DAVID RUFFIN's legacy among us...what a tremendous VOICE..a UNIQUE INTERPRETER!

jeffrey conyers

The great but underrated Bobby MILLER CREATED great vocal songs for the man with the biggest hold on the Temps legacy.

Reno Woodall

Keep this good music coming my guy

Jack Hayslett

True words from the soul man

Bianca Bagnolet

où là là c'est toujours aussi magnifique c'est tellement géniale c'est fantastique j'adore 👍


Man, David you were a beast!


What a voice!

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