Let Somebody Love Me
David Ruffin Lyrics

Cold lonely streets and neon signs.
People from behind their blinds
Peek out at me,
All they ever see is a fool in the dark, alone in the park.
Sitting here alone with my heart in my hands,
Trying hard to understand
Why am I here alone on the outside
Looking in at the world of love, love, love?
Please Heaven up above, let somebody love me.
For who am I and where am I heading?
Without a love I′m just hopelessly treading.
Lost and apart,
I'm chained to a heart I refuse to give, I was afraid to live.
Silver and Gold were my security
I′ve traded and so Lord that was good to me
Aww but I can cry and my heart knows I try, I couldn't make it heard
Aww for precious words, let somebody love me

I'll never cry about poverty naw, I′ll be the richest man alive.
You see for with someone to love, I′ll know someone above loves me...
Let somebody love me.

Is it too much to ask, is it to large a task
To send me someone who needs someone too?
She doesn't have.she doesn′t have to be a beauty queen,
Just someone true, oh you know what I mean
Someone that I can depend on when all my dreams are gone, gone, gone
Someone to lean on.Oooh send me somebody to love me.

I'm tired of sitting alone with my heart in my hands
I need someone to love me, ′cause I'm just a lonely man
Alone here in the park...
Oh it couldn′t be too large a task, thats all that I ask.

Writer(s): Vernon Bullock, Freddie Gorman, Ivy Jo Hunter

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Comments from YouTube:

Lorenzo Adamson

this poor man was crying out but no one heard him..r i p sir !!

Mr C Pryor

Tammi Terrell loved him

Mustafa Muhammad

It's a shame they killin our future and our leaders

anti-rehab relapse

They hear, they just tune it out in my experience. People are cold

Augustus Caesar

David Ruffin's Voice alone was and is still to this very day and all the days that shall come after: "PURE GENIOUS!!!!"

Sandra Atkins

@the bassman 💯😍❤

the bassman

Augustus Caesar Thats what is missing with the so called modern day singers Ruff could make the story line come alive it is pure SOUL


I totally agree

Andrea Tater


Dane Collins

Can you imagine if David Ruffin and Marvin worked on a record together between 1971 to 1973 produced by Smokey Robinson and Norman Whitfield?

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