The Double Cross
David Ruffin Lyrics

Let me tell you all about it
Sometimes, I think about it
And my poor heart wants to die about it ohh
About this sweet sweet love i lost
And the way i got double crossed
By a guy who was my friend
I see him now and then, but
I pretend im doing fine, but im about to lose my mind
You know i told my father all about it
And he just jumped up and walked all
Around and laughed all Around all about it
He said "the love I think I lost"
And the way i got double double crossed
By a guy who was my friend, if I ever see him again
Tell him he can't really win
Cause she'll be back to see me again!
Ohhhh love, ohhhhh
Not now my father, made no vest

But I forgot, I forgot to tell him all the rest
I received an invitation about a
Month ago, to a wedding I decided not to go
Cause couldn't stand the pain, I would have been so ashamed
To see the girl I love, walk away to take another name
That's why I sit down, sit down and ask my brother all about it
Yes I did
Ohh I sit down and I talk to my father all about it
About the love I think I lost,
And the way I got double double Double, double crossed
By a guy who was my friend
If I ever see him again
Know that she'll be back again
Not the double cross
Ohh baby
About the double cross
Ohhhh, baby not the double cross
I don't wanna lose a good thing
That's right sit down, 24 hours

Writer(s): George Gordy, Allen Story

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Comments from YouTube:

Christopher Williams

the way he hit them high notes out of nowhere wonderful


Sporadic, absolutely chaotic timing. So powerful.

Jaajaa Rogers

bolder2009 yes

Jaajaa Rogers

Christopher Williams lovely voice I can’t believe he still went on singing and taking drugs OMG 😮 strong minded man


Very similar to Jackie Wilson

Purpletang Valdez

Christopher Williams soul!!


People kill me when they hate on newer artists like J.Cole (Who is very talented)  for introducing younger folks to music they might not otherwise know about. I'm pretty sure David would be more than glad to know that newer artists pay tribute and introduce his music to younger generations. 

Edwin Short Jr.

@Kam Kam yeah grew up fast by jcole is definitely worth the listen

Edwin Short Jr.

Without J Cole I would have never have heard this song

Mia Mak

His voice tho shuuu 🤧🤧🔥🔥

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