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Platos Cave
Daylyt Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Daylyt:

Darkskyn Darkskyn, Darkskyn, yeah they segregated, Melanated yeah the…
Lytskin Have a seat let em settle n don't be scared If…
Woah I get my energy up like a generator Nigga's hate on…

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Comments from YouTube:

ANTI aka Kalamite

VICtimEYESd, DOG fight and the BRICKS, don’t CRY

Every bar be connecting on a super high level like this🔥

Lonely Crow

Mike Vick demise


He said mike vicktimized cause mike Vick went to jail for dog fighting


so fire

Markus Dodd

I am pissed off urine a whole lot of trouble you masters

ANTI aka Kalamite

ScramBLING Eggs HANDLing Life

Lonely Crow

Seed a black rose
See the black rows
See the black (rose)

László Tóth

@Lonely Crow All the best to you as well, I am greatful for your kindness, shine bright always! 🔆

Lonely Crow

@László Tóth 😆 you're great please make sure you take care of the things you know you need to. Your life is to be valued on this earth not wasted. Your words speak very kindly to me and I cannot show the amount of appreciation I have for them you're like a flame in a dark room a source of light do not let others dwindle that.

László Tóth

@Lonely Crow thanks god

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