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Ladies and Gentlemen
by Days of Worth

There's no dedication, this one goes out to myself -
And there's no reservation made for anybody else.
It's a beautiful reflection with the ugliest disguise,
Feeding you the promise that tonight may be the night.
And it takes you higher,
It spoon-feeds you life,
It makes you feel like you're alive.

Sometimes I'm down low,
But Saturday night comes
And ladies and gentlemen

Do this deal with no protection
(and it's a damn-deal done sometimes),
It's like divine intervention
With a violent borderline.
And it's when this vicious circle
Becomes your learning curve,
That your poor consideration
Will strike the rawest nerve...

And it's so much harder
Than you'll ever know
To resist this social undertow.

And as our conversation
Fades into background music,
I owe you nothing.
This is a weekly cycle,
This is a social ritual;
I owe you nothing.

I give you what you came for,
So as I take advantage
I owe you nothing.
And as I step outside
Into the waiting taxi,
I owe you nothing.

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