2 Cents
Dead Heat Lyrics

When you come around you don't see
How you act seems so naive
The way you always got something to say
Pisses me off more everyday
Now it's been said
The words to get through your head
It ain't always about you
So why do you always try to act a foo.

Can't stop to think about what you're doing
Quit acting so tough
The more and more I hear you speak
I think enough is enough.
I can't escape to find a single second to think.
It can't just be me or does everyone see?
What is it like to not feel an ounce of shame?
Why is it you that always got something to say?

Dont need your two cents!

Dont need your views
Don't need to hear what you say
Can't you see when you're talking
No one listens anyway

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