Dead Man Ray Lyrics

We've been in these woods
Since i don't know when
Now my axe is blunt
Though there's nothing cut
If you want me to
I will show you
Where to go to
In these woods
It's been wonderfull
Like a struggle should
I've got no bitter thoughts
Yes my stay's been good
We'll go barefoot
Alien blisters from walking to rome
Give me my tongue back
I'll wipe off the dirt of your songs


We spent a lot of time
In a hallow heartache
Breading in the pine
With a pile of footage
But there came a day
When i shook my head
Like a wind-up toy
Shiny cherry red
We grew up in woods
What broke down in woods
By denying
Either dusk or dawn
On my shoestrings
All the rabbits hung in a cold rain
Heaven of the sorry kind
Wisdom from a runner's mind

We fell down in woods
As united doves
Lumberjacks in mist
Warming up to stoves
If i weren't a wood
I would wrap you in with drifting wood
I'd take you down like a river would
We grew up like trees
Leaving shades behind
Cruising noman's land
We were weak plants
If you want me to
I will hold you
I will rock you
In these woods of mine

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Comments from YouTube:


Inderdaad, dikke schijf :) Hoog tijd om mijn oude Dead Man Ray cd's nog eens te beluisteren.


Merci! Als een nummer na meer dan 10 jaar nog niet gaat vervelen...dan heb je gewoon een goed nummer te pakken...

Nigel Dubois

Super nummer! Van A tot Z klasse!


Thanks for the upload :)

stef d

beste schijf

stef d

Blijft kiekevel

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