Sleeping Angel
Deadsy Lyrics

Take me if you need me
But never hold me down
You're asking me to trust you
Well there's little of that around
I'm trying to believe you
And I'm learning all the time
Two-part personality
The flower and the vine

Take me, sleeping angel
Catch me when you can
Real love affairs are heavy spells
For a woman and a man

I need you because you let me breathe
Well you've taken me away
But never take me lightly
Or I could never stay

Well, someday when we're older
And my hair is silver gray
Unbraid with all of the love that you have
Like a soft silver chain

Oh, take me sleeping angel
Oh, catch me when you can
And unbraid with all the love that you have
Like a soft silver chain

Contributed by Chloe S. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Love it! Can't wait to hear the album.


I feel like we're gonna hear some 99 commencement era baritone vocals, based on how this is sounding!!

Michael Edwards

@The Mansion World thats just before its final mixed, sounds like its going to be epic


@The Mansion World Feel ye on that one, just sucks that the release window for even 1 track keeps getting pushed back xD.. But I'm down kuz I never thought they'd ever come back

The Mansion World

The music sounds like it's gonna be all over the place, heavy, dreamy, acoustic, etc.

Ara Collins

SWEET!! Nice visuals for the sonics!!!
😉 I am challenged by regret, overwhelmed by anticipation, and forever enchanted by DEADSY!!!❤


Get ready Legions!

Mmthornton Mmthornton

Sounds fucking awesome! I’m getting goosebumps!!!

Morgan Hawthorne

Deadsy x the Cure

Cyber Mafia

I'm so excited to hear this album when it's done. I've been listening to you guys since high school and I can honestly say the album's tracks never get skipped. DEADSY FOREVER!!

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