Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra Lyrics

Kiss me say you'll miss
Miss me, kiss me love, with heavenly affection
Hold, hold me close to you
Hold me, see me through
With all your heart's protection

Thrill, thrill me with your charms
Take me in your arms
And make my life perfection
Kiss, kiss me darling then
Kiss me once again
Make my dreams come true

Thrill, thrill me with your charms
Take me in your arms
And make my life perfection

Kiss, kiss me darling then
Kiss me once again
Make my dreams come true

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Black Conservative Patriot

Late night hasn't been half this good or funny in YEARS.


BCP in da house. We need you more than ever bro.

Allen Larabie

Exactly 💯%

L fader

@Daniel H absolutely right this is such a horrible era I find it a nightmare and insulting absolutely no common sense today .....


An honor to be the 1000 “like”. So very true. I can honestly say, we’ve truly been moving in the right direction for a more perfect Union since the 70s. This is where momentum was finally gaining and when people finally and honestly understood the benefits of judging a person by their character and not by their skin color. How we’ve ended up where we are in 2021 is directly related to, I believe, the failure of our education system to teach critical thinking and world history specifically related to how unique and forward thinking the inception of the U.S. was in the 1700s. The lack of understanding of the reality of world hundreds of years ago, how it worked, how people thought and acted back then compared to now allows the fallacy that what we know as obvious fact today was just as obvious, believed and practiced then. Those of us who’ve been fortunate enough to live as teenagers in the 70s and witness the lightbulbs of recognition of a better way of community and society are left with the task of expressing and teaching the benefits of knowing there are obvious differences between race, religion and origin of family history that are not only beneficial to recognize and exploit for the betterment of all but also the benefit of being allowed laugh at those differences and enjoy life. The United States is by far the single best and safest country in this world to live in if you are a minority be it by color, gender, religion or anything else. Those of us, which I believe is by far the majority of people, who know this had better figure out how to rise to the occasion, make the point and explain this to younger people because we are quickly reaching the point of no return towards self destruction by way of true inequality through State forced “equality”.
I’m sorry for the soapbox and my intent is not to detract from your wonderful comment. But watching old videos like this that depict more intelligent thinking and living makes me realize how many steps we’ve been pushed backwards and how far, yet again, we have to go.

L fader

It's irritating horse**

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I was glad to see Don Rickles in the Irishman

Greg D

holy crap, i guess i have to go watch that movie now....

Joshua Brooks

@Granto1967 he's been dead since 2017. The Irishman had a Don Rickles impersonator playing him.


Did not no he was still alive wow

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