Death of an Interior Decorator
Death Cab for Cutie Lyrics

You were the mother of three girls so sweet
That storm through your turnstile, and climbed to the street
But after conception, your body lay cold
Withered through Autumn then you found yourself old

Can you tell me why have been so sad
He took a lover on a far away beach,
While you arranged flowers and chose color schemes

Can you tell me why you have been so sad?
Can you tell me why you have been so sad?

The girls were all there; they traded their vows.
The youngest one glared with furrowed brow as
They tenderly kissed and cut the cake.
The bride then tripped and broke the vase,
The one you thought would span the years,
So perfectly placed below the mirror
Arriving late, you clean the debris
And walked into the angry sea;
It felt just like falling in love again.
And it felt just like falling in love again.

Can you tell me why you have been so sad?
Can you tell me why you have been so

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Comments from YouTube:

Evan Poirier

Anybody notice that weddings are a very common theme in Death Cab songs? But it always focuses them negatively, which is beautiful, because weddings always have this sort of false delusional perfectness in our minds when we think of them. Death Cab's lyrics are so realistic and true.

Guitarkid 1991

In my opinion Chris Walla is hands down the greatest producer around. The production on this album and every album for that matter is second to none. This song does it for me, specifically the bride. The way the layers on sound keep building and building all while adding tension and depth is unbelievable! As if that wasn't difficult enough it somehow never becomes overdone or too busy. Simply amazing!


Death cab is the only band that reached into the abyss of my anxiety and stress, grabed my hand and pulled me out. since then I 've been looking up and not down. this was the band that gripped my heart and did not let it break when the worse came knocking.

Koryn Galen

The song deserves way more credit then it gets

Origami and Cats

I wonder what Woody Allen thinks of this homage?

Allan Feng

This album is truly phenomenal


1:33. Pure bliss.

Autumn Cooper

I just watched the Woody Allen film Interiors and found that this song was influenced by that film. It's a really great movie and suggest to anyone who sees this comment to go watch it. Finding a great song after watching a great movie is art at its finest.


Those words " clean the debris and walked into the angry sea It felt just like falling in love again" So terribly sad and beautiful at the same time...

Richard Charter

Catchiness never fails. Every time I hear it I sing along, and every time, I sing 'sad' at the end.

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