Stable Song
Death Cab for Cutie Lyrics

Time for the final bow
Rows of deserted houses all
Our stable mates highway bound

Give us our measly sum
Getting the air inside my lungs
Is heavenly starting out
With nothing but
Crippling doubt
We'll rest easy

Suffered a swift defeat
I'll endure countless repeats
The gift of memories
An awful curse
With age it just
Gets much worse

But I won't mind
I won't mind

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Comments from YouTube:

Starfighter Grig

My goodness. This song brings back so many feelings that it hurts. Somehow, it's simultaneously painful and cathartic. I can't explain the nostalgia.

Alexius Corylus

The vibe of this song is still with me for so many years

Chronically Kelly

Lord help me...I want to go back 😭 Take me back


@moonboogie N8 Wait until you are in your 60's.

George Rios

@Bra 3261 you're an ass just for putting that comment and assuming you know anything about me. Obviously you don't know what wisdom is if you feel you need to shit on someone in a YouTube comment section. And by the by, if you need to "research" what wisom is, you'll never understand the concept of it in the first place. Maybe you should have been wise enough to leave it alone. I never said the dude was wrong, there's just a lot of people who are sadly never taught that you have to move on and grow. A lot of people are stuck in the past and they don't want to move on because it attacks their identity. We all need to be challenged and shaken to our cores every once in a while just to make sure we're really happy with what we've become. And no I'm not a know-it-all, there's still plenty i have to learn in life and probably a lot more I will never know. So please and kindly, take your middle finger emoji, shove it where the sun doesn't shine and leave me alone.

George Rios

@moonboogie N8 I really do know how you feel though. I've already been on the wrong side of a breakup, had friends come and go, failed spectacularly at classes, been let go from a job, and all at the same time I feel like I've felt behind in life. I've been broken and not only did I lose faith in god, i lost faith in myself. I realised with the help of some very wise people much older than myself that optimism is not the answer. I'm not optimistic in the least, nor am i pessimistic. I'm just taking my time and making sure i know what's right and wrong. I know now that I only have one life to live and i can't waste it. I can't worry if today is going to be a good day or not, all i can do is take it in stride and make sure i never do anything i might regret later. I guess I've just realised that there is a right and wrong way to live, and history tells us which one is which.

moonboogie N8

@George Rios optimism is so cute...... I was at 30 too...
Its all good, I'm glad you feel that way.
Talk to me again when you hit at least 40 and tell me how you feel.
And I'm not saying you cant make new memories. But nothing will ever beat being in your late teens/early 20s falling in love, discovering and finding yourself, doing drugs, having sex, getting married, having kids.....
All these things only happen for the first time once, and it usually happens during that time.
I've pretty much experienced all of the human emotions at their peak by 25, and nothing can compare. You will never again be that young, or feel those same feelings.

George Rios

@moonboogie N8 I'm currently 25 going on 30 😭😂. Living in the past doesn't work. You can make some new days. There's always something new to be found as long as you don't let the shackles of time hold you down. We gotta live day by day because the clocks don't stop ticking and the earth wont stop spinning just because we feel bad. Ob-la-di Ob-la-da, life does on man. Sure i got some days I can be nostalgic about, but i gotta realise I got another day to live for. Being sad because the past isn't right now is no way to live. I would rather die knowing i lived every day trying something new instead of just being hung up all the time.

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Keili Anderson

i have a "stability" tattoo because of this song. <3

Chronically Kelly

I love that 🥰

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