Your Hurricane
Death Cab for Cutie Lyrics

Heaven is a hole in the sky
The stars are cracks in the ceiling of night
And I just keep watching them for a sign
That you'll be alright

'Cause every time there's a knock on my door
I fall to my hands and knees on the floor
'Cause when your wreckage washes up on my shore
You're not like before
And you try to explain who's at fault for your mistakes
But I won't be the debris in your hurricane"

You used to be such a delicate kid
A lonely fish in a sea full of squid
So I can't blame you for leaving how you did
You just fell off the grid

'Cause heaven is a hole in the sky
And the stars are cracks in the ceiling of night
But you can't be your own alibi
As hard as you try

It's in the tired refrain you're singing over and over again
As you try to explain who's at fault for your mistakes
But I won't be the debris in your hurricane
Oh, I won't be the debris in your hurricane
I won't be the debris in your hurricane

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Written by: Benjamin Gibbard

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Hex Nottingham

Below is my album review that was the very first on Amazon:
Posted by Sir Hex
A Monumental DCFC Album!
August 17, 2018
Verified Purchase
Absolutely beautiful! Strong beats and ethereally atmospheric melodies. The entire album has such a refreshingly rich full sound with every track being unresistably danceable, the only possible exception being their signature last song, the often low key sign off at the end of their albums, like a freshly closed envelope with a warm solidifying wax seal connecting the parchment.

I listened to it at work on headphones whilst wiring electrical panels. The other men working in the control house couldn't determine if I was listening to heavy metal or some hard hitting hip hop. That's just the way I move. (I headbang to Coldplay...)
At only two songs in, I was almost moved to tears at the rhythmic serenity, but that composure finally gave a bit on track 05. Not necessarily for any personal reason, but just at the total immersion. I'd like to listen to it a second tyme at the gym later, but I have to say I'm kind nervous I might have an inappropriate emotional release in mid rep.

From the moment a large door opens to another reality and you're greeted with the Robert Smith-esque pick solos of "I Dreamt We Spoke Again", and the chorus of "Summer Years" that seems to take you by the hand when the distortion guitar comes to haunt you, the perfectly mixed beat of "Gold Rush" that feels so uplifting thumping through the subwoofer, the pacing discussion of "Your Hurricane", the silent conversation on a tyme-stand-still road trip of "When We Drive", the rolling hills frolick through the leaves of "Autumn Love", bumping around a gentle mosh pit with virtual cascading personifications of each individual bass guitar and piano note of "Northern Lights", standing on the sidewalk watching the ghosts of others' conflictions on "You Moved Away", running with a group of close friends to reunite with a long lost friend on "Near Far", or as a deep embodiment of piano notes have you visiting the old record store you used to get those bootleg and imports from when you were a teen and recognising the same owner that saw you steal once in "60 & Punk"... This album is a tea cup ride in an abandonded carnival as the outside world spins around your own personal biosphere.

It has been my opinion for over a decade that Ben Gibbard is one of the most underrated song writers of this generation. Sure, he's in an established band and doing very well, but there is magic in his pen that I've seen bewitch more people than most. I'm mostly a musical ear, sometymes even taking me years before I ever realise what a song is actually about. Not with DCFC. Ben's writing always has my attention from the first harmonic syllable.

At the tyme I wrote this review, the album wouldn't be released until the following Friday, but was available for streaming at NPR Music's Twitter page. The band was eager to hear from their fans, and wants us all to tell them what our favourite songs are. I could have done that on Narrow Stairs. I could have done that on Codes and Keys.. and especially with Kintsugi. But not this album. Not yet. The best I can do is tell them my least favourite song on Thank You For Today, but that's something I will not do. It may present the misconception that I actually dislike something
song on that album, and that would be far from the truth.

"But I won't be the debris in your hurricane."

Later that day at the gym, I did indeed listen to it two more tymes in a row. I was fine, but it did inspire me to go back into my notes and add that sentagraph leading you through the song progression. Obviously more of a psychological (or psychedelic) journey through the album rather than one translated from a literal interpretation of Ben's lyrics. If Amazon allows, I plan to add a second review with more of a straight forward, practical approach.

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young machines

“Heaven is a hole in the sky and the stars are cracks in the ceiling of night.” Some of the best lyrics of 2018.


"I won't be the debris in your hurricane" - such a great line


I agree

Jason 84

"A lonely fish in a sea full of squid." Definitely describes my existence.

Jason 84

Me too! Speaks to my soul. Good friends are hard to find. Most people don't know the definition of "friend." I've grown accustomed to the loneliness.


Grimlock 84 dude that's my favorite line in the whole song!

Nick Randles

I joined the Navy 4 months ago. I was worried that I'd lose my indie side after joining the military. I'm happy to say I PT to Death Cab, the Marines can have FFDP and Godsmack.

Vlad the Inhaler

I was in the Military and still love everything from Indie to Metal.

Jonathan Yelverton

I joined the Navy 15 years ago and I was listening to Death Cab too

Conscious Robot


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