Forever (original extended ver
Dee Dee Lyrics

Verse 1:

I'm all alone in bed
I can't sleep I'm feeling bleused.
I try to close my eyes
But all I'm thinking of is you
Baby only you

I cry my eyes out baby,
wondering what I have to do
I look inside my heart
I know this love is true

Day by day, heart to heart
I hope that we will ever be, together
Will it be, me and you
I promise that this love wil last forever
Hold me tight, in your arms
I know we have the straight to be together
Walk with me, hand in hand
I promise to be there forever, forever

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Comments from YouTube:


Back when trance gave me goosebumps!!

Izabella Oragovan

@James Nagy g

James Nagy

This tune still give me the goosebumps


fucking right

Tony P.

This is heaven.... brings me back to a great time in my life.... tears in my eyes right now.. june 2018


sweet mother of trance music, I'm in love with this tune since 2001...

Tony M

This song was a big club banger back in da day. Clubs use to play this song a lot. I miss the old skool clubhouse and Saturday Night dancefactory. Those were the good ol days. This music use to be mainstream back in da day. This song use to get airtime on the radio. This music made people go clubbing more on weekends.

Mohammad Ali

Those were the good ol days such an amazingly incredibly stupendously magnificently fascinatingly remarkably tremendous dance track one of the greatest melodies ever produced in my personal opinion truly nostalgic journey listening to such great timeless melodies miss those wonderful days old school music was the greatest they just don't produce music like this nowadays at least we can relive those magical moments of the past through this spectacular melodies


A trance classic....

Daniela Mendonça

Tão boa quanto aqueles tempos 🙂🙂🙂

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