Deep Blue Something Lyrics

If I woke up one morning with my memory gone
I'd pick out some clothes and I'd put 'em on
And I'd walk down the street, and find a cafe
And I'd order a Guinness, and I'd sit there all day

Then some kids would come in and start a fuss
About how great their weekend in New Orleans was
Then I'd look down and smile like their tale was my own
I'd be drowning in memory, and then I would know
How it used to be in summer, so many years ago
When we really didn't worry, or care to know
Where we would be, or how old we had grown
Then I'd open my eyes and I know I was

Home, where my friends are
Even when I'm not, I wish you were here

Then it would rain, like it sometimes does
And if we were bored, it wouldn't bother us
We'd just get in the car and drive through the night
And be lost in East Texas, but no one would mind

'Cause we'd find our way home like we always do
Funny how the time flies in our youth
But with darkness approaching, we will all grow close
In the place we'll call Heaven but for now, we'll just call it

Home, where my friends are
Even when I'm not, I wish you were here
I'll see you at home

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Comments from YouTube:

Courtney Martin

Been listening to them for 25 years. Just got to hear this live for the first time. So good.

barny madrigal

This song brings me back. I loved this song the first time I heard it years ago. I love it more now that it has more meaning to me.
I had the cassette but it got ruined with a flood with all my other cassette collection. Thanks to Internet and people who upload old songs such this now I can listen to it over again. I feel old. kids today don't even know what a cassette is??? LOL

Jared Pereira

One of the best ever. Denton Proud 1994-97 UNT


This song takes me back...

Mick Funny

@Rickstir71 I didn’t have a mortgage or a car loan in the 90s, life was certainly easier then


@Mick Funny back to simpler times… early 90’s and late 90’s… before I had to become an adult…

Mick Funny

rickstir71 rickstir71 back to where🤷‍♂️

ian holmes

Jersey shore 1996 , ordered a Guinness and set there all day ☘️👍

Alp Oral

we were so innocent back then

Saatwik Katiha

Mick Funny 😂😂

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