I Won't Be There
Del Shannon Lyrics

You treated me mean and cruel
I'm such a fool for you
You say you're gonna live
Darling, please, don't set me free
Maybe someday you'll want me
and when you really want me
you'll turn around: I won't be there
I know the boy you're dreaming of tonight
It just don't quite seem right
That he is your guy
Oh, oh, why-ih don't you take it over
Before you said "It's over"
Forget he ever held you tight
He is only going to break your heart in two
Oh, it just can't be true
That he is your guy
You left me once before
To go with him
Then he left you
You came back to me again
Maybe someday you'll miss me
And when you really miss me
You'll turn around: I won't be there
You loved me for a-while
Then set me free
What is my destiny,
if he is your guy?
If he is your guy
If he is your guy

Writer(s): Del Shannon

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Comments from YouTube:

Invierte en bolsa, y sé libre

Chills, literally chills!

Matthew Villani

One of the best messages in a song I'd ever heard. Never assume that someone is your "ace in the hole" or your "plan B" because when you try to go back to them there's a good chance that they won't be there waiting for you.


I Won't Be There but call back when the girlfriend leaves ( also known as plan C)

Kelvin Araujo



Haha! that's funny as hell

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