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Jody, I miss you so
More than you ever know
And I'll wait for Jody
Each year, you go away

I count the lonely days
'Til you return in June
The leaves begin to fall
The summer I'll recall
Next year, we'll be alone
Forever together

I'll write you every day
I'll buy a ring in May
And I'll wait for Jody
Jody, Jody, Jody, Jody, Jody

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Comments from YouTube:

Al The C

Flip side of "Runaway". His daughter Jody died young. Then he took his own sad

Alan F Brookes

This was always my favourite Del Shannon recording.


Beautiful song!

guy grip

I wonder if he did this live i was so sad of his passing. He was much better then his hits. Jody i saw her later as adult. Wonderful person and passed away from cancer so young. Very sad for both but hope are in summerland. Bless DEL ANDJODY SHANNON

Solon Junior

Essa música me trás muita sensibilidade, é linda...parabéns pela postagem.


This was later recorded by Jeff Lynne of the Electric Light Orchestra.

Zaida Haagenbusch

Nice! Just got a huge box of records from my great gran and I wanted to check out some of the music inside incase any of them were scratched so I know what the original song sounded like. This song reminds me a lot of all the car trips I did with my grandma. Beautiful song ^^

Kevin Moss

Normally on a single you play the A side most,but on this single the B side got equal playtime

vince mazz

This song was for his sister who died young from cancer, so sad.



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