She Cried
Del Shannon Lyrics

And when I told her
I didn't love her anymore
She cried (she cried)And when I told her
Her kisses were not like before
She cried (she cried)I thought that our romance was over and done
But to her it had just begun And when I told her
Another girl had caught my eye
She cried (she cried)And when I kissed her
A kiss that only meant goodbye
She cried (she cried) (sha-la-la-la sha-la-la) And when I told her
I didn't love her anymore
She cried (she cried)

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Juan Pablo Cano

The lyrics... I think I won't ever do that (Telling someone I don't love her anymore) I can't imagine the situation I mean:

1- I don't believe in love but I believe in trust and abetting and people who feel that between them getting together even marrying and well...everything.

2-I can undestand that cohabitation can damage relationships but ... I mean when other person cries because of you it is an evidence that you are important for her ad I'd do whatever to save the relationship in that case. I definitely would not kiss her and dissapear lol.

...idk what do you think about that?

PD: I post this because I've seen comments saying what a song, so true and I wonder if that tragic scene is a normal thing of your everyday life XD.

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Del sings it extremely well. I saw Del at an Oldies concert in Georgia.He sang all his hits including another artists song "Black is Black". He was great!

 When the concert ended we were driving away, and a man asked if he could cut in front of our car as he had to catch a plane. It was Del. I said he could if he shook my hand. He did.

Linda Kearney

Beautiful song

William Oxendine

God what talent , He needs to be in the top ten of all times.


Never knew Del covered this song. As usual, he's incomparable. One of the original huge talents of early 60s rock (after the music died according to some).

Richard Betz

A lot of Del's covers sounded like the actual original version. I prefer the Americans' version but this is a great version.

Richard Betz

+Yvonne Burdon-barron Yes?

Yvonne Burdon-barron

Richie Betz

Geoffrey Ellis

Beautiful song! Check out the Shangri-las version-"He Cried"

Roger Gowland

Del, we hope you know now just how great you were and how loved you are by those you left behind. And the music plays on ...

John White

love these oldes i played them all day the old 45 thanks for the post

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