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by Delain

God of Amenity?
More like rules the world
But tonight she may fall
Demon of insanity
Will her strength last until
The end of days
The end of days?

I shed wine
Staring evolution
The stupids ignorant
They must be choked by wine
You must be a loving god
Who taste it out of time
Should I drown in all your sense
A world of mental demise?

While she falls on her knees
The angel flies
But the people don't scatter
They reunite
After periods of firing
Insanity, the fires stop

Then therefore you will rule, monarch
Feel the strenght enter your soul, Maniken melt
Stop the Demon and start
Serving the Great One with end on a proof.

Contributed by Nathan J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Nóra B

It's amazing how different Silhouette Of A Dancer turned out.


Nóra B your point he still dose not count this as part of Delain. he never talks about nor dose he care about it.

Nóra B

@Delain124 Same songwriter AFAIK.


Amazing that this really has nothing to do with Delain other then name only.

Jose Luis Palacio

@xOctoberFirex well this is not Charlotte's voice, Charlotte join to Delain in 2005 and this Demo was record in 2002 the singer in this song is Anne Invernizzi

Michel Argenton Medeiros

Ow man, this demo version would fit perfectly on Enter!

Steven Richards

Too much growling as always. I dont know who the singer is but I love Charlotte.


Fantastic song !!!♫

Yüksel Uyar

omg! very very nice album!!!! I've been listening to this album for years


Seems like. But who cares? Amenity was just a Demo and i think there's no Problem to recover that for the first Album.

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