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by Delegation

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Call Me I´ll be there I´ll be there All you got to do…
Darlin' You ought to know, it gets so lonely, I need you,…
Darlin' (I Think About You) ????????????????????????????????…
Heartache No. 9 Look out here it comes Heartache No. 9 Look out here it…
I Wantcha I wantcha' back; I wantcha' by my side again Girl. I wantcha…
I Wantcha' Back I wantcha' back; I wantcha' by my side again Girl. I wantcha…
If You Were a Song If you were a song, you'd be number one, the choice of…
In The Night soft tears fall in the night as we melt away and only…
It's Your Turn It's your turn to hold us both together, baby, it's your tur…
Oh Honey Oh honey When I get lost, feel I've been crossed She will…
One More Step to Take There's only one more step to take, only one more move…
Put a little love on me Girl I'm feeling down tonight. What you gotta do Is - put a…
Wanna Be the Winner Oooo Ooooooo o Ooooooo I wanna be the winner I waanne ta…
What Took You So Long Hold me in your arms never let me go I wanna spend…
Where Is the Love Where is the love we used to know, How did you…
You and I You and I, stand with our heads held up high Me…

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Comments from YouTube:

Agustin O.

Having the code (as in a git repo) would be much appreciated, might make it a bit easier to follow! Great video nonetheless!!


That's an excellent idea! I'll do this for newer videos.

Anirudh Ganesh

Really liked the way that you explained. But it would be really cool if you also had a git link for the code. I was stuck with async programming for a month, posted question in stack yet everyone was going for coroutines asking me to suspend a function until it gets a result back? I quite didn't get that either.


I'm glad it helped you! I just uploaded the source code here:

I will likely create a video on coroutines later; in fact, I actually prefer coroutines. However that was outside of the scope for this video.
Message me if you have more questions!

Cheenu Soni

How is delay accepting another argument?

val madeCoffee = Coffee(type)

Why is this not giving error?
I am trying to fetch API data and show in the TextView. Where do I put the reference to callback function? I am using simple HttpURLConnection and InputStream to fetch the data.


Cheenu soni,
Here is a simple network library that I recently published to GitHub:

Look at the README for details on how to use. It utilizes the built in HttpsURLConnection classes that are provided with Android. Feel free to use this code in any way you'd like. Note that HttpsURLConnection is a "blocking" network library (it will make the UI freeze), so it needs to be wrapped in something that will execute it on an IO thread. This library handles that for you.

Here is the direct library source code:

If you are open to other libraries, here are a few other considerations:

Cheenu Soni

@KotlinBytes i am building for android. can you provide the source code you showed in the video? I dont know where to put the reference to the callback function.


The delay function here is a custom function to simulate something like a network request. It might be confusing if you're familiar with coroutines because there is a delay function here as well. You could replace this with an async network request. The async network request will likely have it's own type of closure, however this is dependent on the framework used. Are you building something for Android or only the JVM?

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