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Vertrag GmbH

This is Duduk 3000 years old Armenian Instrument ,played also from Gladiator OST

aleksu aks

This is Delerium ! This is magic !

D Jenser

This song was one of the sleeper hits of the album: Evoking images of vast deserts and ancient warriors donning their armor in preparation for some forgotten crusade.

yoyo Brando


Juan Hunter

How poetically awesome and inspirational of you to say my friend!!!


Beautiful, mysterious and mystical! Heard it 13 years ago in an university radio station and never knew which band/group it was from. Unforgettable. This is simply just not played on normal radios. Now I stumble upon this nice surprise. Directly to favorites

Left 4 Dead 2 BEST RUNS

As most of our favorites songs. Unradioables


strange african vibe mixed with medival choir, love it.

Juan Hunter

What a yummy sounding chorus of female voices...makes me think about ancient times!!!


Wasn't this played in the movie The Last Temptation Of Christ? One of my favourite movies of all time.

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