Delta Cepheid Lyrics

An artificial intelligence?
A god creation of this world?

What gave the impulse?

Breathless persistence on a dimensionless place
The endless compressed gamete of the universe
It only needs a lil' impulse to – destabilize!
Over and over energy [i]s trapped inside this void
It's a balanced system without space and time
A part of never ending circuitry – destabilize!

In a fraction of a moment
A – new – universe is born
The equilibrium is deranged

"There was no destination on this voyage, through there were
occasional ports of call. Here and there throughout the void
tiny orbs circled their parent primaries, huddled close against
the cold and the dark."

What's the prestate? Singularity!
Not the beginning? Singularity!

Breathless persistence on dimensionless place
This system is sheer symmetry

Eye of the time
Stagger infinity

Big Bang!
The universes rank – it's mentioned by it's gravitation.
From void into a sea – of matter, darkened and cold.
The essence is floating.

Approximately – a place where quantities
Are used to measure density of materiality

Stringent times
Symmetry breaking phase
Altered vacancy
Primordial elements
Out space and time
Start to recombine
The infinity
Of singularity

Trapped inside this vacancy
A system of circuitry
No space and time within
This free of gravity-spin

After a trickle of time the temperature pitches down to nothingness
Unknown reactions – violated conservation
Leading to a small excess of quarks and leptons as a baryon number
Predominance of matter in this present State/space of termination.

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