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by Demise

I felt a fierce explosion in my head
As thoughts churned through my damaged mind,
I felt my body become at peace

Time seemed to blaze through a
blackened stretch of undiscovered galaxies
following my demise

Insides are scalding with shock waves
brought on by massive hemorrhaging

Radiated heat surrounds me

Tidal waves of murderous bacteria,
flowing through my cerebral spinal fluid.
I have lost all ability to hear
My mind has slipped away

The real nightmare has begun

Bypassing purgatory
Into the lake of fire.
With soul, escaping body
Death is my true desire.

Contradicted by the only ignorance
that has blinded me to see any forms
of escape from reality
A disease poisoning me

The peoples blood will know me,
My brain become Hiroshima.

Welcomed by death
I have awakened

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