E Hine Hoki Mai
Dennis Marsh Lyrics

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G] E hine, [D7] hoki mai [G] ra.

Taku nei mahi
Taku nei mahi,
He [G] tuku roimata

Ē aue, ka [C] mate [G] au;
E hine [D7] hoki mai [G] rā
Ē aue, ka [C] mate [G] au;
E hine [D7] hoki mai [G] rā

Ō [D7] hīkoitanga

Māku e kaute
Ō [G] hīkoitanga

Overall Meaning

The song E Hine Hoki Mai by Dennis Marsh is a touching tribute to a lost love, with the lyrics expressing the singer's deep sadness and longing for his beloved to return. The title itself is a plea for the woman to come back, and the initial verse sets the stage for the rest of the song. The singer speaks about his own struggle with his emotions, and how he is overcome with grief and tears. The phrase "He tuku roimata" translates to "a gift of tears," and the singer acknowledges that he is unable to control his emotions in the face of his loss. This verse sets the poignant and emotional tone that pervades throughout the song.

In the chorus, the singer repeats the title phrase, "E Hine Hoki Mai Ra," which is a plea for the woman to return to him. He admits that he feels like he is going to die without her, making the sorrow and despair in his voice more palpable. The second verse refers to the singer's memories of the relationship, specifically his memories of the woman's laughter. The phrase "Ō hīkoitanga" suggests a playful teasing between two lovers, and the singer's promise to keep her memory alive by "counting" her laughter highlights the depth of his love for her. The singer's use of the present tense ("Maku e kaute") indicates that even though she is gone, he is still keeping these memories close to his heart. Overall, Dennis Marsh's song E Hine Hoki Mai is a moving tribute to lost love, filled with genuine emotion and heartbreak.

Line by Line Meaning

E hine, hoki mai ra.
Oh girl, come back to me.

Taku nei mahi
My work here

He tuku roimata
Is a tearful goodbye

Ē aue, ka mate au;
Oh cry, I will die;

E hine hoki mai rā
Oh girl, come back to me.

Ō hīkoitanga
Your departure

Māku e kaute
I will miss

Ō hīkoitanga
Your departure.

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