Tiny Bubbles
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[G]Tiny bubbles, (rpt as echo) in the [D7]wine (echo)
]Make me happy (echo) Make me feel [G]fine (echo)
Tiny bubbles [G] [echo] [G7] make me warm all [Db7] over
(pause)[Cm] With the [G]feeling that I'm gonna [D7]love you
'Til the end of [G]time
Now [C] here's to the golden moon (no echos)
And [G]here's to the silver sea
mostly here's a toast to ... you and [D7]me

[G]Tiny bubbles (ooh a leke), in the [D7]wine (ika ba na)
[G] Make me happy (ow halla owee)
Make me feel [G ]fine (ika ba ow enu)
Tiny bubbles [G]make me warm all [C#7]over
With the [G]feeling that
I'm gonna [D7]love you [gonna love you)
'Til the en nn nd of [G]time

Note: C#7 and Db7 are the same chord. G

Overall Meaning

The song "Tiny Bubbles" by Dennis Marsh is a romantic love song that celebrates the feeling of being in love, with the help of a glass of wine. The lyrics describe the sensation of tiny bubbles in wine that make the singer feel happy and warm all over, and give him the feeling that he is going to love his partner until the end of time. The repetition of the phrase "Tiny Bubbles" serves as a reminder that sometimes the smallest things can bring great joy and happiness.

The song seems to suggest that love is like a glass of wine, with tiny bubbles that add to the pleasure of the experience. The singer is grateful for the simple things in life, such as the golden moon and the silver sea, and shares a toast to his loved one. The lyrics of the song are a homage to the power of love and how it can fill us with warmth and happiness.

Overall, "Tiny Bubbles" is a beautiful love song that celebrates the simple pleasures of life and reminds us that love can be found in the smallest of things. The lyrics paint a picture of a warm and cozy moment shared between two people in love and the power of that connection. It's no wonder that the song has become a classic and has been covered by many artists throughout the years.

Line by Line Meaning

Tiny bubbles, in the wine
Small air pockets forming in the wine

Make me happy
Brings joy and feelings of contentment

Make me feel fine
Provides a sense of pleasure and satisfaction

Tiny bubbles make me warm all over
The effects of the bubbles spread warmth throughout the body

With the feeling that I'm gonna love you
Suggests intense love or affection towards the listener

'Til the end of time
Committed to love for eternity

Now here's to the golden moon
A toast to the beauty of the moon

And here's to the silver sea
A toast to the magnificence of the sea

Mostly here's a toast to you and me
Celebrating the relationship between the artist and the listener

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Last song sang, walking from enlisted men's club, as we staggered back to barracks ending basic training at Ft. ORD...
What a hangover...😂
30 percent of company never make it back from Vietnam...

Would I do it again..🤔

In country Vietnam veteran.

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my grandma recently passed away and she would always sing this to me and i would sing along everyday as child, i miss her and remember her voice and here i am crying because i loved her so much. i love you so much grandma i'll see you soon.


Thats Love!


My grandma also used to sing this song to me when I was little. She passed away in 2007, and I miss her every day. She was the only person that ever made me feel truly loved and special. I love this song. It brings back happy memories.


@@SDsearcher that's when i was born


@@adristudios2407 I’m so sorry you lost your beloved grandma too. Know that her love for you never ends! 💜



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My grandma just passed away in March 2021. Found out this was her favorite song, and always danced to it with her husband, who preceeded her 30+ years. Then she danced it with her children at their weddings. Since her passing I listen to it all the time and I cry everytime... Love you grandma


Now your grandma and grandpa can dance to this to their hearts content.


God bless you always…….. from New Zealand


God bless you and your family.

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