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Priscilla Cancino

30 years later, this album is as relevant to my life as it was when I was an angry, teenage mess.

NikkaWej 2.0



Same here in 2020 !

Hard To Bear

Me too

Kyle Richardson

I spent many of my teenage years waking up to this song everyday. I still remember saving up my money just so I could buy an alarm clock that would play a cassette as it's alarm ... just for this song.

Maybe not the best song for a depressed kid to wake up to everyday, but it always felt right.


ur talkin to somebody who made their alarm an ace attoreny song

Dawn C

The Genius that is Martin L. Gore. He has so many of the Depeche instrumentals with him listed as the sole writer/composer, he is obviously much more than just the songwriter/lyrisist.

Marc Pagelsen

Wilder was responsible for most of the band's sound. Gore is genius, but Alan brought it home and stuck the landing. DM needs Alan back and David needs to get back on the "horse".

Loves My Way

@Jesse Wagner - please - Demos are demos. It doesn't mean Gore needed Wilder. If you know anything about the way a song developes, you'd understand that. Without Wilder the band as evolved as it should evolve and moved out of the 80s. Besides, Wilder just gave up. I get the internal conflict, but seriously.... I'm glad he left. The brilliance of Martin Gore's musical writing kept going and evolving. Look at the albums they've released and the concerts. They're out of that tiny minded rut and mediocre piano playing and drums and now have (contract or not, look how long they've been with DM) Peter Gordeno who is a brilliant pianist and Christian Eigner who is one of the best rock drummers today. Now Dave and Christian write music. I'm glad Wilder's gone and the band has evolved. People need to evolve with them. Sorry, but Martin Gore is a genius. If you think a Demo is the end of it all, you don't get what a demo is. (signed DM Devotee)

Jesse Wagner

Not to mention the contributions of Alan Wilder, which he claims he received no credit for. Listen to Demos that Gore composed independently and you’ll realize just how much Wilder added to complete the songs.

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