And Then...
Depeche Mode Lyrics

Let's take a map of the world
Tear it into pieces
All of the boys and the girls
Will see how easy it is

To put it all down and start again
From the top to the bottom, and then
I'll have faith, or I prefer
To think that things couldn't turn out worse

All that we need at the start's
Universal revolution (that's all)
And if we trust in our hearts
We'll find the solution's...


Took a plane across the world
Got in a car
And when I reached my destination
I hadn't gone far

Let's take the whole of the world
The mountains and the sand
Let all the boys and the girls
Shape it in their hands


Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: MARTIN GORE

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Comments from YouTube:

Dishwasher Jones

Depeche Mode is truly amazing.

Henry K

They're truly fabulous!🏳️‍🌈

Colleen Marin

"I prefer to think that things couldn't turn out worse"


I think this might be the most Beautiful and (Best ?? ) song I've ever heard, at least in parts, for over 25 years !!

Robert Chatel

~~God how I Love This Song, Decades later and still has profound impact on this Devotee~~


DM's environmental song. I love it. I remember it was the last song on the cassette tape, so I had to keep rewinding it. Thanks.


No. "The landscape is changing" is their environmental song.

Joseph Boston

My favorite DM song.

Csillagpor* 89

😳 🌍🌎🌏🌾🍂🍁🌹🌹❤️WOW! 🥺 makes me have chilling ....I really cannot explain. Dave,Martin,💫Allen,Andrew.........are the chosen ones.

gio brucia

Depeche Mode provoke in such a cool way....I can’t get enough.❤️🙌😎

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