Depeche Mode Lyrics

Is simplicity best
Or simply the easiest
The narrowest path
Is always the holiest
So walk on barefoot for me
Suffer some misery
If you want my love
If you want my love
Man will survive
The harshest conditions
And stay alive
Through difficult decisions
So make up your mind for me
Walk the line for me
If you want my love
If you want my love
Idle talk
And hollow promises
Cheating Judases
Doubting Thomases
Don't just stand there and shout it
Do something about it
You can fulfill
Your wildest ambitions
And I'm sure you will
Lose your inhibitions
So open yourself for me
Risk your health for me
If you want my love
If you want my love
If you want my love
If you want my love

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Written by: MARTIN GORE

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Thank you Martin for the amazing voice and lyrics. Thank you Alan for the lovely sound. Thank you all. Even if Dave and Andy wasn't really in this song (or even at all), I still wan to thank them for being Depeche Mode. I want to thank everyone in Depeche Mode. Even you, Vince. You guys changed my life. I feel more confident about singing now. I feel inspired to make music myself and be who I was meant to be. I'm happy this band exists.

Thank you Vince Clarke, for starting the band, and making it bloom. Thank you Martin Gore for writing many amazing songs and singing wonderful ballads. And proudly breaking gender barriers. Thank you Dave Gahan for singing with that amazing voice, and for the songs you've written, as well as being fabulous. Thank you Andy Fletcher for being the cool guy you are, and for keeping the band together. You also don't intimidate me at all, and I'd love to spend time with a cool guy like you. And thank you Alan Wilder, for teaching these guys how to sound as amazing as they are. You are also very skillful, and have an amazing voice.

Thank you ALL. I wish you could read this. All 5 of you need to know how amazing you are. How life changing and inspiring your music is. I don't know who I would be without Depeche Mode. Thank you. Thank you.

Christopher Elfers

One of the best songs I’ve ever heard.

Angela Cho


Nicholas Peter Urgero

DM is so Damn consistent. Over 150 songs and 90+% are very strong


Depeche Mode. Vince, Andy, Alan, Martin, Dave.. Your music is magical. It literally saved my life as a teen in the 90's.


@Victor Silva Vince started depechemode

Folklore Negro

@Tom He´s new fan, I guess.


@Victor Silva Vince started Depeche mode

Victor Silva

Vince???? Dude


One of the most spiritually uplifting songs ever recorded.

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