Despite My Deepest Fear Lyrics

The figures that guide me have fallen apart
With nothing to follow my head is so hollow
How am I meant to be free
When these chains are dragging on my feet
Bounding me to the bottom of the sea
I'm starting to believe I'm the one who walked away

You know this attraction is fake
When the arms around you are filled with hate
I've watched your sky fall down upon you so many times
Now everything in this world is dead
I'm holding on to something I'll regret

And now I can see you for who you are
Someone that drowns me out
So when we look back on what we have
How could you leave me so helpless
Wake me up

This can't be anything we've ever wanted
You were there from the start, where are you now?
Raise me up, wake me up
Everything in this world is dead

You said you'd never leave, but you proved me wrong.

Contributed by Elijah P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Ruby Rose

Why am I just now hearing this? This is AMAZING

Matthew Manning

That snare though

A Franklin

Saw them live last year thought they were pretty good though it's a bit irregular to my metal tastes (Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir, Judas Priest etc.)


Ah, the classic Chuggy-chug-chug-BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUGH formula. 

Baggy Live

I've loved DMDF since "This Dies With Us EP" So..I kinda just love everything they write. Because they're pretty fucking amazing. If you really hate the song that much, then listen to something you like, It'll make your life less stressful.

Erik Jason

I remember when these guys followed me on Twitter in 2013 promoting their early 2010s djent metalcore and it was fitting at that time. Too bad that they disappeared because their last EP was 100% better than this.

Connor Fogel

these guys are HARDCORE \m/ -.- \m/

Kama Ashley

i love the song but i feel like the cleans dont fit

Johnnie Dixon


Muhamad Nadzim


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