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who am i Darkness around me, sorrow surrounds me; Though there be tri…

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I love how Paulie’s like “I’m not in that,” when Puss brings up the calling cards. Like for a brief second he looked like he couldn’t care less anymore about Pussy being a rat if he wasn’t involved, which would be classic Paulie




never snitch


But i love mahogany 😅


@wolfranga8477  there's a possibility that you sleep with the fishes 🤣


@@PLATINUMTITUS17_F250 I guess so😅this is what i get for being a wood lover😂


@@wolfranga8477 Nice!!!!!!

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love how he acts like he doesn’t know what flip means lol


I could never figure out why they would shoot him in a boat that they haven't bought. You can't really go back to shore with blood stains all over, even if Tony bought it.


I always figured they lied about looking into the boat and either already owned it, or sank it after handling Pussy and paid the guy off to keep quiet. I never knew they all went down to mute the gunshots until I saw someone point it out on a other clip haha

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