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by Devon Baldwin

I was chained to the bottom
Dreaming of the horizon
Barely bruised on the surface
Just a scream in the ocean
And when I felt it the most
It's 'cause you said it was so
Holdin' back while we both implode
And when the guns are all fired
All that remains is desire
No turnin' back once the lies unfold

'Cause I have been through the ocean
I have felt the rage runnin' deep
But I'm lost in a true devotion
To the things u do to me


Beneath the weight on my shoulders
Every vein running colder
In this luv we keep falling
Never lost, never closer
How soon we seem to forget
Everything that we regret
Throw our arms to defend the change
But bittersweet tragedy
Disguised in love's gravity
It's just the insanity I crave

I know that sometimes the darkness Makes you grow restless
But this is nothing new
Your tide can be so relentless
It leaves me defenseless
It brings me back to you

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