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Dark Rivers of the Heart
by Diabolique

The rain is thrumming on
Windows soak the tears
I am so alone without her here

The rain is thrumming on
Downward-burning flame
Don't want her to know
Heaven wept again
The rain is thrumming on
Dark rivers that sear
I would want her to know
How I miss her here

I am haunted by her voice
By her eyes and by her touch
Still feeling her voracious love
Though she's gone and out of reach

Dark rivers of the heart

Contributed by Camilla W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

khold 75

gothic the autumnal romantic!!

Ana Javorsky da Costa

I cant believe this band... i'm in love :) 

Kanz Noz


Georgina Da Conceição Quintas Alves Rodrigues

Que saudades...passou despercebido pelos media e a maioria dos mortais...mas ficou gravado no Meu Cérebro e Coração....que negra maravilha!!!

khold 75

Sem dúvida...