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I'm A Little Christmas Cracker I'm a little Christmas cracker, hanging on a Christmas tree.…
Im a Little Christmas Cracker I'm a little Christmas cracker, hanging on a Christmas tree.…
Poppa Piccolino All over italy They know his concertina Poppa piccolino He …

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very memorable song.  The images brought back childhood memoreies of when my father dressed up like santa.  according to my research, Santa Claus is 4 feet 3 inches. Santa just looks taller because he is surrounded by elves, giving the impression of massive height. Santa cannot be tall due to all the stooping and chimney falling he does. It would not be physically plausible if he was tall, his back and knees would give out, and without medical, Santa could be disabled.  BTW, my father was 6ft.2in. but his heart was there.

Joan Cuthill

I love this one my friend. Wonderful. Merry Christmas. God Bless you.♥


Hiya Jan,I think this will be the last Christmas song on here,I'm pleased you enjoyed it,many thanks,,,"Merry Christmas" 

Em.C. Spiteri

Yes I like this very much.


Hi Em,that was quick !
Thought I'd post one more Christmas song,glad you liked it,,,,"Merry Christmas" !!

Margaretha Rydberg

Already Mick??? We don't start with the decorations until the 24th of But a cute video and X-mas song.


@***** Yes,it's a bit early Maggan,but I originally uploaded this one a little late last year,on the 22nd December and not many people got to see it,so I thought I'd put it on Google+ now and see what happens !...Many thanks for viewing,,,,,"Merry Christmas"....


Very Nice......Have A Great Christmas


Thanks very much,it was a great Christmas :-))


Soon be Christmas !

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