The Dream pt. 1
Dick Lyrics

The mirror helps me to bleed, re-affirming the seed.
Then the wounds will open up and the flies com pouring out. (x2)

cll alone, like hiding; I did not know I'm hiding. Where are those, those ugly; those things that look like me ?
This silence, it binds us, this dual identity.
This silence, it blinds me. It helps you see.

You're out to nullify me; That's what you do. I know that you're inside of me; cll that I hear is you . . .

Inside me, the worst thing, the emptiness is bursting!
What are those, those ugly; Those things that stare at me?
Beyond flesh, beyond you, I am still self abuse.
Still carving, still burning, empty yet churning.
I'm alone, all alone, just like you're forcing me to be.
cll alone and empty, just like you made me.
Fuck You !!!

I know there's nothing inside me, just shit and piss. So slice me open look inside, at emptiness.

I smash away with true intent. Smashing away at my empty head.
c broken mirror, from an empty stare. cll hatred aimed unto myself.
cn empty vessel, without a sound mind, sometimes without a mind at all!
(Without a mind at all!)


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mandala 314

I love Katya's invisible bicycle that she rides,when she's cracking up 😂

Vocaloiding Viva

@Talysha Davis I love that anime


I'm cracking now

Marcus Martin

Mandala 314 yes lmaooooooo


I guess that Ari and Nicki got inspired by it in "Side To Side" 👄


Oh my gosh now I can’t unsee it lmaoooo

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Phoenix Barnett

i never want this show to end

Kai Ba

This show better keep going till the end of time.

Kyla Brookhart

well girl have i got news for yoy


Jaydon Barnett it did
Now its back

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