My Best Friend
Die Antwoord Lyrics

B:Hello, what you doing here, who are you?
The Flying Dutchman: Het jy my tv ??
B: My codename is Mikhail Breznikov, but you can call me Bongi
The Flying Dutchman: *snort* nice name, where'd you get it? the Waterfront?
B: Don't you think I've been mocked enough, because my father, Sipho, did not put a click in my name?
The Flying Dutchman: Versin!
B: I was taken by the Russians as a slave, but I maintain my Sowetan heritage with this afro.
The Flying Dutchman: Verstaan jy Afrikaans?
B: stop! English only - I do not understand your language.
The Flying Dutchman: mm? why am I here?
The Flying Dutchman: Ja waars ons kinders?
B: I said English. Can you handle it?
The Flying Dutchman: Hmm?
B: Because you are cute and i like to lick the chocolate starfish
if you are wondering why my voice is not in sync with my lips,
it is because when I was a little boy my best friend Jacob Zuma taught me how to talk shit
and just like him I have mastered it, and I now talk through my ass as well.

Contributed by Samantha J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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The Federal Farmer

^^ David Tormey ;-)

Jesper Hyldahl Fogh

He talks through his ass as well.

Connecting The Dots

@Mistyjan It's Afrikaanse, it's like the Ebonics of Dutch. It's cool as hell. My best friend Jacoob Zooma taught me how to talk shit.


hahah god....

Unlucky Dube

lol JZ taught him to talk shit

Georgi Hristov

Where is the text from ? Is it taken from a movie or what? It is realy cool though!

Connecting The Dots

@Mistyjan It's Afrikaanse, it's like the Ebonics of Dutch. It's cool as hell.

william dawson

Lyk die sjokolade-seester



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