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Tik Tik Tik
by Die Antwoord

Gommie , Gommie kyk hier, kykie waar's die tik?(Gummy,Gummy, look here, where's the tik?)
[Tik is meths - Being ge-tik in Afrikaans means being crazy so tik makes you behave crazy]

Gommie: Die tik is in jou boude (tik is in your bum)

Kyk hier, kyk hier, kykie fok you, kom gee die tik, ons maak 'n pypie, ek is (eks)lus. (Look here, look here, look fuck you, give the tik, we make/smoke a pipe, I want it) pijpen in dutch means blowjob. Afrikaans is related to dutch

He makes crazy sound
She: shut up - hou op speel man, steek aan, steek aan daar, eks lus (stop playing man, lite it, lite it , I want it) Lus= is stronger that just want - its a craving/desire.

Sound of the pipe being lit and someone inhaling - usually a light bulb is used and tik is sold in plastic straw quantities called a strooitjie (little straw)

He shouts: klap hom bokkie! ( not direct but its like "hit it") Literally it can be translated as " slap him little buck" Bokkie being a word in Afrikaans like baby/sweetheart)

Go tik,tik,tik,tik,tik like me
If you don't know what the fucks going on like me
Tik,tik,tik I'm just a lekker like me
I don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me. (2x)

Bokkie, staan op, word wakker. (mother) (sweetheart, get up, wake up)
Jong ma, jisus (Damn mom, jesus)
Jou laat slaap gaan my kwaad maak (mother) (your sleeping late is going to make me angry)
Kyk hier,jou klein stoutgat, staan op nou (father) (Look here, you naughty ass, get up now)
Kyk hier, kyk hier, kyk hier, fok jou! (Look here, look here, look here, fuck you)
I feel like I'm in a fucking trap laying
in this lil' broken flat
with my mom and dad
and my gran and my two
brahs, and my cousins and my aunties
wondering what is happening I can't breathe, in fact I can't sleep in this flat
cause it's plexive
Ants in my pants cause there's rats in the mattress
Got two black rings underneath my eyes
Lots of bad things happen in the night
My family's so poor
(Man) How poor is they?
My family's so poor, that i, cant even get a little butter on my broodjie (loaf of bread)
cant even get a koeldrank (cold drink/soda) with my strooitjie (straw)
missing with my stokies (slippers)drawing on a wall with a koki (marker/sharpie)
I'm bored and i'm lonely all on my own, see
I don't want to listen to what my mother say (no way)
I'm gonna run away, come back another day
(Some crazy stuff)
Kykie, kykie, kykie, fok jou.
(Max) Option A:
Hit the streets
This is gonna be fokken ill
Maybe I'll get lucky
(man): So you like Kentucky?
Who are you?
(man) Baby, I'm a gangster
What's a gangster?
(man) You don't know what's a gangster?
kykie, you can go to school if you want
or you can be like me and you can do what you want
take a pull on the blunt
feel the funky vibe's kickin'
das it, now let's tik Kentucky Fried Chicken
(Yo-Landi) Serious?
(man)Do I look like I'm jokin'?
....... look what I'm smokin'
it's die tik tik lollipop-pop (lollipop is what they call the meth pipe)
Dus word jy ... gefok in die kop (This is why you get ... fucked in the head)
Kykie, now you owe me, move your little stojkes (sticks/legs)
take this little packie down the street to my homie
Yo, keep it low key
(Yo-Landi) Okie Dokie!


Den den de-den den den, it's bound to end with a bang bang bang
You get paid you get fed, but my head is dead, de-ded ded ded
So I lie when you ask me how I am. No I'm fine!
Ripping up my face, damn I feel tired all the time!
I wanna push rewind in my mind!
Please can I? x 4

(max) yes you can ; rewind selector!

(Max) Option B:
Hit the streets
This is gonna be fokken ill
Maybe I'll get lucky
(Man): So you like Kentucky?
Huh? You smell like a Rastafarian
I don't speak to strangers, plus I'm a vegetarian
It's all the same, maybe I'll get lucky
hook up a little job at .. cafe (fucky sucky)
even rent a little room all by myself in the basement
'til one day I found myself clapping in amazement
at this guy Max Normal rapping on the pavement
outside the cafe (man says something)
Max Normal is a life saver
Looked me up and down and said "I like your flavor"
I was a zero, I thought he was a weirdo
But now I truly say "Max you're my fokken hero"
You gave me a chance now pump up the bass
(Max)Talking on the mic right in front of your face
Cuz I said I could rap and since then I never looked back
Now I put my pen on my pad and I'm flipping stacks from my raps
And I'm up back in the track so fresh getting fresher
Diamonds are created from extreme pressure
(Mom) Bokkie, jisus!
Now they know it's me
when they see me on the TV rapping in the overseas
(Mom and Dad talking)
Kykie, kykie, kykie ....
(Max)You choose, you lose, or you win
Choose your own adventure option A or option B
Yes yes it's all up to you so what's it gonna be?
You've only got one life make sure you choose carefully
When you choose your own adventure option A or option B
Inquisitive student of life
You choose, you lose, or you win.
(Yo-Landi) Don't be a froppo
(Gommie) Tik is kak! (Shit)

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