Uncle Jimmy
Die Antwoord Lyrics

Yo-landi: Uh, hi Jimmy.

Max: Yolandi, hi. Come in. How you doin'?

Yo-landi: I just wanted to ask you-

Max: Come sit down. Come sit here, right here on my lap.

Yo-landi: Uh..okay..uh..well.
Max: There you go. You want some herbal tea?

Yo-landi: Uh, no thanks.

Max: You sure?

Yo-landi: I'm fine. Thanks.

Max: Oh, Yolandi, look at you. You're so cute and squishy, look at your little cheeky weekys you're so cute. I just want to keep you here in my office as my little pet; feed you, bathe you, comb your pretty hair. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, you hear me Yolandi?


Max: Yeah, don't let anyone around here fuck you around.

Yo-landi: Kay.

Max: You need anything, you hear me, if you need anything, come here to my office, sit right here on my lap and tell Uncle Jimmy what you need. You got that?

Yo-landi: Yes, Jimmy.

Max: No, call me Uncle Jimmy.

Yo-landi: Yes, Uncle Jimmy.

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Lyssa Heart

This is about Yolandi's experience with Jimmy from Interscope (interCOKE) records. He worked with dre..
Fairplay to you both for saying fok off to those losers

Haley Robinson

wtf is happening

Марьяна Мура

@stone throw yas

Incog Broadcaster



Iovine, I'm afraid


Eh wtf?? I searched for uncle jimmy becuase of deadly jimmy.

BKM Publishing

Yolandi's so uncomfortable, listen to her...lol. And creepy "Uncle" Jimmy with his lip smackin'...lol





Gretchen DG


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