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Yo, look, look, look
They call her Jezebel
You might find her in your neigbourhood
Always in some shit
Up to no good
Constant boasting, bragging to her friends
Juiced every boy in the ends
Gettin' outta school
She would truant every day
Always on the link
Different boy every day
Missed mathematics, she was doing acrobatics
But not gym class
She was gettin' doggy fast

Yo, they call her Jezebel
Friends call her sket behind her back
She never knew the plot
She was born of track
Tight top, short skirt, thinks she's too nice
Hates love but she's been deep in twice
Pass with, ho's can't keep her legs closed
Always on the creep
Now she's in too deep
Now she faces neglect, abuse and rape
Man said that he'd kill her if she tried to escape

What's your name?
I've seen you about
I think your tromp (Boom ting)
I really hope your not a grim
I really hope your not a jezzy, jezzy
Where you from?
Hot stuff (Buff ting)
I really hope your not a grim
I really hope your not a jezzy, jezzy
I've seen you around
I think your tromp (Boom ting)
I really hope your not a grim
I really hope your not a jezzy, jezzy
I know your face
Where you from?
Hot stuff (Boom ting)
I really hope your not grim
I really hope your not a jezebel

You might find her at a house rave
For the fifth time
She's gettin' whammed from behind
Had a bit to drink
So she's acting kinda slow
She came with Natasha
But she's leavin with Joe
Ricky loves jezzy but jezzy loves willy
Ricky means well but Ricky ain't got a thing
Joe's got a name
And jezzy loves fame
She wants a man to show
So it's all about Joe

They call her jezebel
On her way to get wocked out
Get battery
And get kicked out
Jezzy weren't expecting more then four
But what could she say
She just did it anyway
Messed up, caught a kinda STD
Gonorrhoea, Herpes, No VD
Left bitter, left angry, left vexed
But still loves sex
Passed it on to the next


Pretty but
Ain't got a brain
Got no shame
Got juiced on the train
Went from daddy's little girl
To daddy's heart attack
House reck a side
She could never go back
Raised in the church
Not knowing anything
Then, Learned about boys
Ruined everything

Aged 16
She was never full grown
She was in a family
Now she's got one of her own
Two kids
Even worse
Two little girls
Two more of her
That's two jezebel's
Two fatherless kids
One single mum
No longer young
But the boys still come
Yo, wishin' she could take it back to the old school
And make better choice's
Oh what a fool
Bottle by her side
She wonder man
If only she was six years younger

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@Zachariah This album
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When i was a child I listened to this tune and liked it. It was mysterious something bad but I didn’t quite understand but it was abit scary to listen to and that’s what I liked.

As a grown man hearing it again it is a eye opener cos I actually realise what he is talking about!

Jezebel a harlot sleeping around she now has children and no parents missed mathematics to do acrobatics not gym class she was getting *** fast.

That alone is painful to hear.

And the end kills it...”bottle by her side would she wonder man if only she was 6 years younger damn”

This sounds like a typical female from the ghetto whose chose a life of sin

I hope Jezebel knows Jesus can change her life!

Sexual Tyrannosaur

@Max Ignoramus You need to learn to read.
He said that a religious community and the morals they teach can help some people.
He never once said that religion is wrong or stupid.
He only said jesus won't help her which is true.

Lastly your talking about people taking away from religions which is bullshit.
If anything religious people try to force there beliefs on you and get offended when you tell them you don't believe and why.

Religion has literally been the cause of some of the most brutal wars in history, crazy that jesus would support the murder of others because they don't believe in the bibble

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Robert James

Who still thinks this is a banger in 2020 💪💪

Baxter Samuel

Always a banger cause there’s always gonna be Jezzies

Chad _


Nicky Snaith

This tune is still happening in 2020 as so on and so on bad but true

2.5 Kelvin

Mad in trimdon

Ryan ___

Robert James yup, cranked in Aussie

Awsan Teina

Teenage pregnancy epidemic of the early noughties summed up in 3 minutes

Awsan Teina

milkman's wife by all means it DOES take two to tango and boys will be boys lol

milkman's wife

@Awsan Teina and you said that this song sums up the entire issue of the early noughties, thus implying it was all the girls' fault.

not trying to pick a fight, just pointing out that that's a weird thing to say

Awsan Teina

milkman's wife in this instance it might be. He’s referring to Jezebel in this song not the whole female race

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