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Dobet Gnahoré Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Djiguene' by these artists:

Wally Ballago Seck Amna bene waw domi adama ham djiko yi si djiguenne…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Dobet Gnahoré:

Boudou Magnlon aglon ah boudou monglè Mon non on ka liè o…
Côte d'Ivoire J'suis ivoirien de père et de mère Te cache pas, viens…
Dala Wouè me non biako Kpata gbalé é Biako Enè Wouè me non Biako …
Deka Dialect wiyo edo gnin wiyo edo gnin teo mo kou…
Inyembezi Zam Ndiyeke ndife Ndikhalin yembezi zegazi Ndifunukufa ndidedwaj…
Issa Wéha Wééha Ikana djouya idjéréla Idissé kafra finyéla I d…
Palea Paléa Pkêhi nihaa goné Paléa missé Pkê-hi ni-ha goné ho Wôl…
Samahani Nisamehehe, kwa imani yangu mbaya Nisamehe, kwa kuwa mbali e…

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Comments from YouTube:


I saw her yesterday at a private showcase in Brussels with Habib Koité and Bamada, the were both awesome. I'm not a huge fan of this kind of music (I listen to metal and hard rock mainly), but I have to admit they have an incredible energy, and their music is catching. They now how to create a great mood.


Very beautiful. I saw her live in concert at my school a few days ago. She's a bundle of vivacious energy. She made me miss Africa, and I've yet to go to Africa. That's sheer talent.


a perfect culmination of power and beauty


This song just makes me happy..not even understanding the words.

selim selime

dobet excellente chanteuse internationale même la sénégalaise ne ferait pas mieux bravo à toi

Konankan Fernand

Oui tu es vraiment une "DJIGUENE" femme battante émancipée, je t'aime trop compatriote

Kim syke

c'est ce qu'on appele Live,c'est comme si tu ecoutais le CD

Rubin Clerkx

So nice ! Here sound together with here look shine love .

Adama Kone

Vraiment tu as fait fort bravo bravo