WYM Freestyle
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Fuck this beat
Yeah, fuck it, wait, mh (fuck it)
Fuck it, mh, wait, mh (fuck it)
Fuck it, mh, wait, uh (fuck it)
Fuck this beat, mh, wait (uh-uh)
Fuck it, mh, wait
Fuck it, uh, wait, uh (yeah)
Fuck it, ah

Fuck this beat (fuck this beat), fuck this beat (fuck this beat)
Fuck them drugs, fuck the club, fuck a speech (fuck a speech)
Fuck up all them other albums on repeat (fuck 'em, fuck 'em)
Fuck what y'all been sayin' I ain't for the streets (okay)

What you mean? (Yeah)
What you mean? (What you mean?)
What you really talking 'bout? I know you sneak (know you sneak)
I was wakin' all these hoes up in my sleep (in my sleep)
I was cakin' while these hoes could barely eat (eat)
Ain't no beef (eat), ain't no sides (sides)
Ain't no competition when they hear me slide (slide, slide)
I'm a sell out all my seats to see me live (live, live)
Was a sellout 'til I notice I got drive
Bitch, I get my life and it's giving (yeah, it's giving)
Got a life long career, you make a living (make a living)
I got a overflow of trophies, you ain't winning (you ain't winning, bitch)
Got my body done, but look who's really sittin' now

Bitch, you must be kidding (must be kidding)
Please, be kidding (please, be kidding)
Got a overflow of growth, y'all bitches thinning (ah, ah)
Always knew I was gon' change from the beginning (yeah, yeah)
Always knew them claims was cap 'cause y'all be sinning
I, I, I been watchin' all you bitches, I be shittin'
I, I, I been buyin' all these clothes and see no fittings
Ah, ah, too much jewelry I take off when I be spittin'
Ah, ah, hear that? (Ha ha)
Is you forgettin'? Ah, ah

Bitch, fuck this beat, stupid bitch
Fuck this beat, step on my toes, bitch
My toes
Fuck this beat, step on his feet (yeah)
Fuck it
Ayy-yeah, yeah
Ayy-yeah, yeah

Haha, ayy, yeah

Overall Meaning

The lyrics in Doja Cat's "WYM Freestyle" express a sense of defiance and empowerment from the very beginning. The repeated expletive-filled lines indicate a frustration or rejection of norms, as the singer declares their disregard for the beat, drugs, clubs, and societal expectations. There is a rebellious tone as the singer dismisses what others have been saying about them, confidently asserting that they are not defined by the streets.

As the song progresses, the singer questions others' intentions and allegiances, challenging them to be more transparent and authentic. They boast about their success and self-sufficiency, contrasting it with the struggles of those around them. There is a sense of superiority in their self-assurance and ability to command attention and loyalty from their audience.

The lyrics highlight the singer's journey of self-discovery and growth, as they reflect on the changes they have undergone and the lessons they have learned. They are unapologetic about their progress and achievements, suggesting that they have surpassed the expectations placed upon them. The references to their physical appearance and material possessions further underline their confidence and success.

In the final verses, the singer maintains their assertiveness and defiance, dismissing any negativity or doubt that may come their way. They metaphorically step on others' toes and assert their dominance, ending the song with a playful yet commanding tone. Overall, "WYM Freestyle" showcases Doja Cat's bold and unapologetic attitude, as she confidently asserts her independence and success in the face of any opposition.

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Amala Zandile Dlamini, Kurtis Isaac McKenzie, Bradley Powell, Sergio Romero

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Chris E. Grey

Doja Cat reminded us that first and foremost SHE is a RAPPER and went off and show how its done…


If her an Nicki where to get on a song together the world might actually explode


@Aidababeta2Kur rightttt ,, like they both queen of rap 🤩🤩

inno Maiden

Nah her versatility between genres is actually insane

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Rafael Santos

I'm impressed with how easy it is for Doja to make incredible music

Gabe Martinez

It’s called talent. Which most people don’t have naturally

Nate McCloud

Shes got the 🧃

Rayne Mcdaniel

She is such a great musician

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She is killing it even with all the hate


She's smart she started this character knowing that she will get hate but also she will get a lot of brainless fans.

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