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The way you know what I want
The way they wish I wouldn't fall
The way you save me from them dogs
Baby, it's disrespectful
Baby, it's disrespectful
Baby, it's disrespectful
Baby, it's disrespectful (yeah)
(Let's go, ah, yeah)

Woah there, boy, don't go there, boy
Tell me how they 'posed to breathe without no air, boy
Okay, way you treat 'em ain't no fair, boy
They all wanna get a piece of them coattails, boy
Class act, put you in the business
Even in economy, I'm giving him the biscuit
Give 'em any task, any man here would risk it
For me, they ain't cuffin', that's imaginative figment
All disrespect, you ain't letting your foot off
I like it when they mad and we making they wood soft
Uh, yeah, he nice and he fine and he tall
But if I'm with him, I'm eventually finding flaws
What the heck it is? his smile and walk
He got experience and generously kind and soft
Sexy the way that he sensitive
Jealousy don't ever get the best of him
Thank God, 'cause

The way you know what I want
The way they wish I wouldn't fall
The way you save me from them dogs
Baby, it's disrespectful
Baby, it's disrespectful
Baby, it's disrespectful
Baby, it's disrespectful

All the ugly boys (get rowdy)
All the pretty boys (get rowdy)
All the skinny boys (get rowdy)
All the big boys (get rowdy)
All the rich boys (get rowdy)
You a hustler (get rowdy)

You ain't getting funds (get rowdy)
I ain't kidding, boys, come on (get rowdy)

Overall Meaning

In the lyrics of "dIsreSPeCtfUl" by Doja Cat, the singer seems to be addressing a romantic partner who understands her desires and protects her from negative influences. The repeated phrase "The way you know what I want" suggests a deep connection and understanding between the singer and her partner. She mentions that her partner saves her from "them dogs," implying that he shields her from harmful or toxic individuals. The use of the word "disrespectful" multiple times throughout the chorus emphasizes the unconventional or rebellious nature of their relationship, suggesting that it goes against societal expectations.

The second verse delves into the complexities of the relationship, with the singer asserting her independence and non-conformity. She challenges traditional gender roles and expectations by referring to her partner as "boy" and questioning the fairness of how he is treated. The line "Class act, put you in the business" implies that the partner is sophisticated and capable, even in challenging circumstances. The lyric "all disrespect, you ain't letting your foot off" suggests a defiance against societal norms and a refusal to conform, which the singer seems to find attractive. She appreciates his sensitivity and kindness, but also acknowledges that she is not afraid to find flaws in him, showing a level of honesty and self-assurance in the relationship.

The bridge of the song highlights a sense of empowerment and celebration of diversity among men. The singer mentions different descriptors for boys, from "ugly" to "pretty" to "rich," and encourages them all to "get rowdy." This could be interpreted as a rejection of traditional beauty standards and a celebration of individuality and uniqueness. The singer also acknowledges the importance of financial independence and hustle, emphasizing that she values confidence and drive in a partner. The repeated urging for boys to "get rowdy" could symbolize a call to action for men to embrace their identities and stand out in a world that often tries to define them.

Overall, "dIsreSPeCtfUl" by Doja Cat appears to be a bold and assertive exploration of unconventional love and empowerment. The lyrics convey messages of self-assurance, defiance against societal norms, and celebration of individuality. The singer's playful and confident delivery adds layers of complexity to the themes of the song, creating a sense of rebellion and liberation in the face of expectations and stereotypes.

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Written by: Amala Dlamini, James Austin Cyr, PJ Escobar, Timon Behar, Yann Cortequisse

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