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Oh L'amour
by Dollar

Oh l'amour now I'm aching for you
Mon amour what's a boy in love supposed to do

Looking for you you were looking for me
Always reaching for you you were too blind to see
Oh love of my heart why leave me alone
I'm falling apart no good on my own

Oh l'amour broke my heart now I'm aching for you
Mon amour what's a boy in love supposed to do

Why throw it away why walk out on me
I just live for the day for the way it should be
There once was a time had you hear by my side
Said I wasn't your kind only hear for the ride

Repeat chorus

No emotional ties don't remember my name
I lay down and die I'm only to blame
Oh love of my heart it's up to you now
You tear me apart I hurt inside out

Repeat chorus to fade

Contributed by Declan A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Emma Biddulph

Anyone else here in 2019?

Nicola Young

Emma Biddulph 2020

ravenhill of the 3rd age † 1968

this was hands down the best version in the 80's!

Heinrich Hesse

I am here for the hundredth time or more :)

jamie foyers

Good cover. Forgot that "Dollar" had covered "Erasure", saw this on "TOTP" the other night, they're on my favourite year at the minute namely 1988.


This perfect and pretty song makes me cry every time I watch them. I love these singers.
So many good memories , and such a wonderful melody.
Both of them together, are very beautiful and sweet and Their deep voices are so unique and special. This lovely song is still a very good one, A marvellous and delicate song that will be in our hearts forever.

gabriel smiesko

Orbital sampled it for style 1999


I have got to admit I prefer this version to erasures this was a top 10 hit (their last one) in far as I can remember I think it was remixed /produced by pwl


gibson1973100 you are not the only one.

Garrick Foong

Both versions were good... still listening to both in the year 2020 😍

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