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We Walked in Love
by Dollar

Michael St. James)

I love you more than I can say
Sometimes the words get in the way
Nothing seems the same
No one can take the blame
I can hardly breath
The heat is getting to me
Wave goodbye to responsibility
I whisper your name to the breeze

We walked in love at least we tried
We walked in love how high's the sky
We walked in love please don't cry
We walked in love this is goodbye

And I really don't know why

Maybe in another time
The poem may have rhyme
Watch the tears track down the pain
Washed away by the rain

Repeat chorus

And I really don't know why

Repeat chorus to fade

Contributed by Camilla A. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Sebastian Montagu

After reading in Smash Hits that Dollar were "ber-ber-back" I rushed out to buy this. Brilliant video that captures their allegedly temperamental relationship wonderfully. I bought the follow up single (Haven't We Said Goodbye Before) which doesn't seem to appear on any compilation.

Sebastian Montagu

Dollar Official ............. I already have my copies pre-ordered on Amazon. Very happy!!

Dollar Official

@Sebastian Montagu It certainly does ! Nov 29th to be exact :)

Sebastian Montagu

Somebody listened. Since I posted this "Haven't We Said Goodbye Before" will finally make it's CD debut on the new 2019 Dollar compilation.

Rob Davies

Great to see you have your own channel on YouTube. Great song & video wishes. ;-)


Why didn't they stay together. Amazing chemistry. God he was beautiful.

Happy Clappy

because he's a dickhead ?


Because he's an ego maniac.


Great Candy pop. Reminds me a bit of the early pet shop boys . She also reminds me of Kylie here. They look so great in this video. I sill love the music but I hate when they re do old albums cos they ain't ever gunna be the same,


I am proud to subscribe to your channel.
Wishing both of you all the best, and thanking you for years of great music.
Much Love!!!

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