Dominus Inferi Lyrics

We are now aware of heaven and earth, shadows cover (the) entrance to hell
Light tells apart night from day, there's now fear for darkness
Infinite heaven was created, gives protection to the faithful
It is home of the believers, keeps away all the sinners
Land and seas are born, flowers and fruits blossom filling earth with colour
Stars in (the) skies, the seasons, days and nights
The moon and (the) sun, two lights that always shine
Small beings are born, through air and water they go
Freedom is what they own, full of life to pass on
Earth is full of life, animals moving around
The chosen one is there, he will rise if he seeks good
The creation has reached the end, the Creator rests
Human beings struggle, trying to understand their aim

In the sky eternal spheres construct a spiral path towards God
There's a place for each of the sinners In the sun lays understanding for worthy souls
The Creator's strengh, Is beyond our minds!
Alpha and Omega reflect, (the) first virtue, all what's best!

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