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Don Mercedes Lyrics

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Rocky Ik weet nog toen ik 18 was, kwam zij hier…

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Abhishek patra

@Laurentiu Spilca Hello Sir, Yes I have implemented the example which you have shown in "lessen 13" (ss-c13).
Its working fine .
After that I just changed the grant_type from "authorizedGrantTypes("password", "refresh_token")" To
".authorizedGrantTypes("authorization_code", "refresh_token") .redirectUris("http://localhost:9090")"
To do some experiment.
When I am adding @EnableResourceServer annotation in ResourceServerConfig class and hitting the
URL -> "http://localhost:8080/oauth/authorize?response_type=code&client_id=client1&scope=read"
its giving me "Full authentication is required to access this resourceunauthorized"
But if I remove @EnableResourceServer annotation from ResourceServerConfig class
the "authorization_code" grant_type is working fine.
Basically whenever I am adding @EnableResourceServer annotation its giving me
"Full authentication is required to access this resourceunauthorized" for "authorization_code" grant_type
Can you please tell am I doing anything wrong or need modify any code???

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mritunjay yadav

Hi Sir thanks for sharing your knowledge , I have one questions do we have some kind of expiry time for refresh_token too ?

Laurentiu Spilca

@mritunjay yadav Oh, that's excellent. Yes, you shouldn't anyway leave a token infinite life. You either need a way to set its expiration time or revoke it.

mritunjay yadav

@Laurentiu Spilca thanks for the response sir , I was implementing ClientDetails contract on my own then I find out that there is method where we can define refresh token expire time in seconds !!

Laurentiu Spilca

This is a really good one. From what I am aware, using Spring Security OAuth you can't have an expiry time for the resource server, or at least not out of the box (I might be wrong here). But I can tell you for sure that with the new authorization server that's in the progress of implementation you can revoke refresh tokens.

Lorem Ipsum

Are you going to share your knowladge connected with cloud security, like mentioned today keycloak?

Laurentiu Spilca

Hi. Yes. I plan in the future a lesson where we use Keycloak as authorization server.

arun bandari

Hi Laurentiu, thanks to god i found randomly these videos in YT,client1 and secret1 these credential belong to client and my question is how that details know to resource server while accessing check_token endpoint

arun bandari

@Laurentiu Spilca thanks you sir🙏...I got the answer for this question after watching next video . you used client id as resourceserver and secret is 12345

Laurentiu Spilca

Hi Arun. When using the check token endpoint, the resource server acts as a client. So the resource server needs to be registered as a client itself at the authorization server side. Those client credentials (client id and secret) belong to the resource server. That's why the resource server knows them.

Humayoun Kabir Emon

Will you please share the drawing which you have created?

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