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Heading Home
by Donavon Frankenreiter

You try sell something that just can't be brought
You said it's the latest and the greatest but I know that its not
Be somebody you don't want to be
Didn't even exist last year but now its what we need

Oh no not me, oh no not me
Because I'm heading home, I'm heading home

You try to tell dad something that you've never been told
I guess it won't be agreed around here when they're born
Once it's really gone, then it's really gone for good
Just because you can doesn't mean that you should

Oh no not here, oh no not now
Because I'm heading home, I'm heading home

Go somewhere you've never gone
Sing something that you've never sang
Think about something that you've never thought
And if you're going to give him everything you've got

Oh yeah right here, oh yeah right now
Because I'm heading home, I'm heading home
I'm heading home, I'm heading home

Oh yeah right here, oh yeah right now
Because we're heading home, we're heading home
We're heading home, we're heading home


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Comments from YouTube:

Matthieu Sloutchansky

they are born to sing together

Mary Lynn Van Leuven

yes they do❤❤

Michelle Quariguazil


Hokies Fan

I found Donavon F. on Pandora and liked the song I heard. I love Jack Johnson and thought Donavan's style was very similiar and voice even sounded similar...thus why I must have liked it. I heard this song come on in the background while working and swore is was Jack Johnson. I went to check and it was a duet! A very happy surprise lol!

Angela Bear Claw

f-ings amazing i love both voices beautiful combination i have always been a fan of the both of these two.....




@loco7031 yup, pretty sure. this one is from the "live in japan" dvd. you might also wanna check out "a weekend at the greek".


Thank the sweet Lord for men like Donavon and Jack. Feels Good to be heading the same direction...


jack johnsons always seems as if he doenst really like playing this awesome song in front of a camera..

Anesa Dzihan

THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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