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by Downface

I am going..into
The black stains on my…skin
I'm floating all the …way in
I can feel this…too
Taken Into..Someone is following now
I am waiting..I am…I am taking this now
Fall away from me..afraid its not enough
Wait for you to see I float away
Why is all this…taken from me…
Deeper into this….myself I go
It sucks me in
I lost myself and yet I try again
It pulled me in
It sucks me in
I tell you once and now its back again
I've lost to sin
Widen the mouth to
Refrain from holding this too
Much longer sliding through
I am waiting for you
To see you cry and to try to lie and
I'm listening and I'm going
Didn't want to see this place
The stains they spread too fast
They lie in wait for us
I know I never reach this place again
My hearts been lifted up
By one who died for me
One who stains never will see

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