Dr. Dre Lyrics

West coast shit
My nigga-ish ways attract girls that used to turn they back
Causing me to yank they arm and pose like I would do them harm
Now I'm saying thank you cause they tell me
My shit's the bomb
For my niggas drinking Cognac
Smoking weed, always pack
More than one firearm, chrome rims, riding on
Chronic in your system, let me know my shit's the bomb

West Coast shit nigga
Overdosage imperial pistols ferocious
Fuck a bitch don't tease bitch, strip tease bitch
Eat a bowl of these bitch gobble the dick
Hoes forgot to eat a dick can shut the fuck up
Gobble and swallow a nut up
Shut up and get my cash
Backhanded, pimp-slapped backwards and left stranded
Just pop ya collar, pimp convention, hoes for a dollar
Six-Deuce in a plush, six-deuce impala
Pimping hoes from Texas to Guatemala
Bitch niggas paid for hoes, just to lay with hoes
Relax one night, and paid to stay with hoes
Captain Save'em all day, well save this dick
Bitch nigga, you more of a bitch than a bitch
You ain't into hitting pussy or hitting the switch
You into hitting bitches off of the grip
You punk bitch

All my real doggs still kick it with me
All my down hoes still tricking with me
All the true gangstas know
Nate ain't never love no ho
All the hoodrats still shake it for me
All my true fans still check it for me
All the real smokers know
Nate ain't passing nothing but dope indeed
Real trees, chronic leaves, no seeds
When I met you last night baby
Before I blew your mind
I thought we had a chance, lady
No more, now that I'm sober you ain't that fine
Don't wanna treat you wrong
Don't wanna lead you on
Here baby, hit the bong
While the west coast rolls along
While we still making gangsta hits
You'll be still jocking gangsta dicks
Damn girl, you think you're slick
Somebody better get this bitch, this bitch

I got these freaky hoes
Clapping they hands, stomping they feet
Every now and then they put they mouth on me
Nowadays a G like me can't even call it
A 23-year old pussy fiend and freakaholic
Pimping bitches on the regular, I put that on the G
A hustler and a player, nowadays it pays to be
Let me drop some shit about this bitch I used to know
She gave your boy the head and said don't let nobody know
A bonafide pro, I had to grab the ho
She got freaky in your sixty-four, I skeeted in her throat
Been knowing the ho for four days, pimpin repays
And I bet you didn't know that she go both ways
She ate her best friend, I left them hoes at the mote'
They be beeping me and shit, but we don't kick it no mo'
Them hot hoes is fiending, they on the nuts
But bitch, I'm out your pussy when I nut, fo' real, Xxplosive

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Uppity Sombitch

easily one of dre's greatest beats...he could be a legend off this track alone.



Ta King

He is a legend


@Mind Trap Productions Nah. They sampled a song when they made this and Isaac Hayes is the composer of the original song.
Xxplosive still wasn't produced by Dre though. Chris "The Glove Taylor" produced it, Dre and Mel-Man only cleaned it up.

Lou Skunt

@Mind Trap Productions God damn. My favorite dre beat wasn't even dre's beat!

Ian Lomax

@Sprinter ProductionsHD erkia badoo can't spell x

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I aint ever smoked weed before but I feel like this would be the best song to smoke to

A Fun Guy

@Curt 1 weed is a medicine when it’s used for medicine, not when you smoke it to get high. Just cause you can use a pair of scissors to kill someone doesn’t mean that they don’t also cut paper. You are right. Weed shouldn’t be as much of a concern as other drugs but that distracts from the main concern that I have which is that people should spend their time trying to be productive in life, focus on life, love, purpose, how to help others instead of worrying about feeling good all the time. People constantly say that it helps calms their nerves but there are far more effective alternatives than spending half your paycheck on weed.

Curt 1

@A Fun Guy why's it got anything to do with his parents just coz he smoked bud at 12 or 13 don't mean shit mate id rather my kid smoke weed at 12 13 than go out getting pissed taking other drugs WEED IS MEDICAL IT'S A MEDICINE PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP

Curt 1

@ARandomLithuanian everyone smokes it theses days don't matter what country your from or if it's illegal or not everyone smokes it coz its the best thing ever fuck alcohol weed is the way forward used for medical reasons aswell

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