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Drain Plan Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Judith W

Thanks for sharing,Very educational

Joseph Johnson

I want to put something similar to this in my back yard. I have the Brazo River towards the back of my property. My goal is to build a 10 feel deep and 4 foot wide and a 100 ft length man hole towards the back of my property. I wanted to take all that dirt and make a house pad.

Terry McGillicuddy

Hey Chuck, always enjoy your videos. Learned lots of tips from you.

Frank Danielson

There are similar concrete capped trench drains in Trinidad.

Engr. Kent Maga

I'm an Engineer. And I have a new design to improve the drainage system which also suited for the Filipino mindsets.
Reason why FILIPINOS don't maintain it is because of lack of equipments and we're Lazy.
I tried to propose my Project but as expected FILIPINOS don't want to change for the better so I'll just watch how they're complaining as soon as the flood comes again. 😂

Tom Bombadil

I doubt about the last part of your story as infrastructure projects like these are approved way up the government chain. I’d have believe you more if you complained about red tape involved in getting new infrastructure ideas and proposals accepted than blaming common local residents for being indifferent to your ideas.

Kwame Opoku

Hi Enki could you please send me your email address re the drainage

Gabriel Grant

Box drains are common in tropical climates


Thank you sir


I love the PI.

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