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Drain Plan Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Laiá' by these artists:

Boss AC Interessante o teu cenário Chegas cheio de teorias a pensar…
O Bisonte inceramente não te prives de tomar o meu lugar o que é…
Pedro Palacios Y esa fue La única vez Que tu llanto le…
Sau Vols deixar pares i pàtria veure on s'acaba el món. Vols c…

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Frederick Evans

Things which got ruined by a few bad eggs.

I carried a knife with me to school daily since I was probably about 10 years old. It was either a regular folding knife (like ones little Timmy or Opie would have carried in a 1950's TV show) or a Victorinox® Swiss Army knife, always sharp. The latter was a gift from my dad when he came back from a business trip. I was bullied as a kid growing up but my strict parent rule was I wasn't allowed to fight. I took the name calling and I took the beatings (by the bullies) and I sometimes cried because it was so bad. After I started carrying a knife, I never used it on another human being (oranges and other edible items, yes. Humans & animals, NO).

I'm pretty sure some of the teachers knew I had a sharp knife with me on campus daily. No big deal. There wasn't an anti-bullying policy back in the 1980s either. Any fighting (meaning I was being beat-up) which happened in the school yard during recess or after school on the way home was typically done when no teachers/faculty/staff were watching. No school bus, so walking was how we got to/from school, usually. Teasing and name-calling were met with "just ignore him/them."

My parents' zero fighting policy for me might have saved a couple of bullies from having "accidents" with my knife. Really, the thought of defending myself against a bully with my knife probably never even crossed my mind. Defending myself against a robber or kidnapper on my way walking home from school, sure. A mere bully (even one who made me cry), no.

With the world we live in now, I understand the need for metal detectors at school entrances and no guns/knives on school campuses. But "zero tolerance" has gone overboard in so many cases. A dull plastic butter knife or a drawing/picture of a knife should not be reason for suspension/expulsion. Ditto for a Nerf® gun. "Zero tolerance is zero tolerance." Inhumane.

I hope and pray Jesus comes back before the computers become sentient and start imposing zero tolerance rules on the public at large.

P.S.: FYI, I was never robbed/mugged (and never kidnapped) on my way to/from school. Never even attempted. I came very close to being mugged/robbed once or twice years later, when I was in college/university. Primary/elementary school and high school, never. Some of schoolmates were robbed/mugged, but never me.


I don't understand having uniforms in office jobs. You work in one cubicle out of tens or hundreds inside of a building with windows that let in barely any light.
Who's gonna see you from outside the building?
What if you work the phones?
What if you work in the basement or highest floors?

The only people that I can think of who can see you are other employees. What power do they have over you because of the way you dress?
Sure, don't come in with a t-shirt you've been wearing for a week straight with stains all over it, that's common human decency to the people who actually DO see you.
But why the hell does a suit and tie matter? What purpose do they serve other than to seem "professional". (BTW, why do ties exist? What purpose do they serve?)

Look, what I'm trying to get at is:
Who will see you and who cares?

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Carter Adams

that granada-barbados match sounded like a lot of fun

Kyle Humbert

If entertainment is what games are about, than this was the best game of them all


Grenada** 🇬🇩🇬🇩🇬🇩

Furby On Phire

In the fourth grade no one was ever allowed to say “this is easy” because it “made kids who didn’t find it easy upset” And I also got in trouble for saying “oh I understand, it’s not as hard as I thought it was!” Once.
Also in the fourth grade, my violin teacher told the other teachers to not tell the kids who had lessons when the lessons where so that we would learn time management. Then yelled at us when we where late because WE WHERE 9 YEAR OLDS WHO GOT TOLD ONCE WHEN THE LESSON WAS AND NEVER AGAIN
And that same teacher also gave us sheets to mark when we practiced out of school and if we didn’t turn them in at the end of the month or took more than one day of practice off a month we got in a lot of trouble.

Jared Hoechst


Furby On Phire

@Elle Capone Alexandra nope, Minnesota actually. And it wasn't a policy, one of the teachers was just decided it should be that way for her class, and because we switched for math it spread. I couldn't even say it outside of her class because some kid would get angry at me

Elle Capone Alexandra

Did you go to school in Canada too by any chance ? because Schools in my district were the only ones that I knew of that had that policy 😅

MLG Shades

If my parents burned my stuff, I would report them to the EPA

Systems Renegade

And they wonder why children murder their parents or why kids turn into psychopaths and mass murders.

Joshua Bailey

Even bad parents can produce good kids characters in a person it can be persuaded but essentially it's internal.

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